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Mini Tensiometers and Surface Wetness Sensor HydroSense3 meter taking and storing a reading
Glasshouses & Controlled Environments
Glasshouse application Fitting a Needle Sensor onto a Septum Tensiometer DataHog2 datalogger fitted with relay outputs for Irrigation Control Dial Gauge Tensiometer
Mini Tensiometers in plant pots
HydroSense3, septum tensiometers & needle sensor
Systems ideal for monitoring  in glasshouses
HydroSense3, Needle Sensor & Septum Tensiometer
DataHog2 with relays to control irrigation in a glasshouse
Use dial gauge tensiometers for simplicity
Fields, Gardens, Landscape Projects, Research Projects 
Using an Electronic Tensiometer in a crop of peppers Electronic Tensiometers used in an automatic watering system in a shopping centre Electronic Tensiometer as part of a MiniMet system Electronic Tensiometers in a research project
Electronic Tensiometers monitoring in a crop
Electronic Tensiometers in a research project
Electronic Tensiometer and other sensors on a Skye MiniMet
Electronic Tensiometers used in an automatic irrigation system for trees in a town centre
DataHog2 with an Electronic Tensiometer Septum Tensiometer System in use
Skye DataHog2 Datalogger with Electronic Tensiometer
Septum Tensiometers with a Needle Sensor and HydroSense3 meter for a cost effective manual system